Our patented technology adds full analog movement control to the traditional WASD key layout.

We measure how far down a mechanical key is pressed using an infrared LED. The light emitted from the LED is reflected off part of the key and then an infrared sensor measures how much light is reflected. If a low amount of light is reflected we know that the key is at its highest point. If a higher amount of light is reflected, we know that the key is moving closer to the sensor as demonstrated in the animation below.




By measuring how far down 4 keys are pressed we can extrapolate an X-Y coordinate to be used to generate movement data. This information can be passed to a game where it is seen as an xbox controller and allows smooth movement with game characters and vehicles.

This analog data can be used for all sorts of other things not possible on a standard mechanical keyboard.  We can use analog keys to control the speed and direction of a mouse cursor and a mouse scroll wheel. We can control variable MIDI musical devices, manipulate 3D CAD objects, a jog wheel, volume control, or anything that requires a little more finesse than a strict on/off digital key press. We can also set the activation point to be anywhere in the key stroke.  We can set multiple activation points in the same key stroke to send multiple commands.

Using Aimpad is like no other PC Gaming experience. It provides a ridiculous number of configurable keys and lighting quick response times of a normal mechanical keyboard. It provides the full analog movement of a gamepad while still allowing you to use the mouse. It’s like using a gamepad that you can actually aim with. It’s Aimpad™.

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