Please note, these download pages are currently intended for Beta Users/Early Reviewers of the Aimpad R5 Keyboard

User Manual

Aimpad R5 User Manual – Last Updated 12/22/2016


Download the latest firmware for the Aimpad R5 Keyboard

Download Latest Firmware v1.7.9 – Last Updated 4/26/2017 – Password Required to Extract Zip file – Please contact if you require assistance.

If you need the Firmware Flash Utility it can be downloaded from here: Download Firmware Flash Utility

Download Latest Firmware v1.7.9 – For MASS STORAGE DEVICE BOOTLOADER ONLY  – This is the newer version of the firmware.  If you have had a sample for less than a year you should use this firmware.

Test Software

Aimpad Xbox Controller Test 1.3 – This software gives you a visual representation of what an Aimpad powered keyboard looks like to a game. After downloading the zip file, extract all the files to a location on your computer and run “AXCT.exe”. Using this software you can test how all the keyboard keys assigned to analog sticks, analog triggers, and xbox buttons will respond in games. It will also indicate which “Player Number” is assigned to the controller(s) attached to the computer. This is helpful in determining if the keyboard is detected as “Player One” which is necessary for the analog functions to work in many games. In addition, you can simulate the effect of different deadzone types that a game may have and the amount of deadzone to apply (selected in the bottom right corner of the controller). Lastly, you can capture the data to a text file for a selectable number of samples by selecting the options in the bottom left corner of the controller. This data will be exported to a file named “Capture-Data.txt” in the folder that the program is run from.

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