About Aimpad

Aimpad was founded by a passionate PC Gamer with the vision of   wanting   analog   speed and  direction, but not willing to give up the ridiculous number of configurable keys of the keyboard or the aiming precision of the mouse.

Most gaming keyboards are nothing more than flashy versions of a normal mechanical keyboard.  It might have back lighting, or macro keys, but these enhancements do not make meaningful improvement in the way you control a game character or vehicle. The computer mouse, on the other hand, has evolved from using a ball to an optical sensor. This advancement in mouse technology has made an actual gaming improvement in the way we play PC games. We can aim with much better precision using an optical mouse than we can with a ball mouse. There have not been any similar improvements to keyboard technology that provide meaningful improvements for controlling PC games… until now.

Aimpad has developed patented technology that adds analog control to mechanical gaming keyboards. Using infrared sensors we detect how far down a mechanical key board key is pressed. By measuring all 4 of the WASD keys simultaneously we can  translate this into the X and Y coordinates of the left thumbstick of a gamepad. All the movement benefits of a gamepad can now happen on a keyboard while still using the mouse for precision aiming.

You can control how fast or slow you move in more than 8 directions!

Normal Keyboard                                                                             Aimpad Keyboard

You can slightly peak around a corner

Normal Keyboard                                                                             Aimpad Keyboard

You can smoothly control vehicles

Normal Keyboard                                                                             Aimpad Keyboard

Even better, game developers do not need to specifically program their games to support the analog movement of Aimpad. The WASD keys are seen as a joystick by the game. Enjoy the full benefit of analog movement using your keyboard and high precision aiming using your mouse.

Aimpad brings true innovation to PC gaming keyboards.

It’s like using a game pad that you can actually aim with. It’s Aimpad™.


Recent Posts

PAX East – Success!

We are still recovering from PAX East this past weekend.  I have 2 business cards left from the 1000 that I brought with me.  We gave A LOT of demonstrations to gamers, media, and other exhibitors and the vast majority were impressed.  The eyes of gamers lit up when they realized the smooth motion control they were able to achieve for the first time with a keyboard.  We had game developers tell us that we were the only hardware company at PAX East to introduce something truly new that brings a meaningful impact to PC gaming. One community developer said that products like this “make my soul bigger.” My only regret is that we were not able to demo the awesome technology to everyone.  Thank you to everyone that showed up at our booth and tried out the tech. We loved our time at PAX East and look forward to more opportunities to share the technology with PC Gamers!

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